AeroTech Research (ATR) has developed and demonstrated a broad range of capabilities, including:

  • Airborne hazard sensor performance assessment and certification.
  • Cockpit display development, simulation and evaluation.
  • Aircraft system equipage cost/benefit analyses.
  • Operator support to assist in realizing value of ATR's products on implementation.
  • Wake vortex encounter analysis and hazard metric development.
  • Real-time EDR estimation on aircraft and ground-based systems.

Aircraft Simulation & Environment Toolset (ASET)

In order to develop and test its products, ATR has developed a unique simulation capability, ASET. This tool combines weather databases (e.g., large domain NEXRAD data), multiple aircraft models (10 different commercial aircraft types), and air traffic scenarios.

Capabilities that make ASET unique are:

  • Aircraft “react” to weather data – turbulence, wind shear, and wake vortex encounters, allowing realistic quantification of encounters with weather hazards.
  • 10 commercial aircraft types are modeled.
  • ASET integrates with real-time full motion-base flight simulators; making one (or more) of the aircraft in the multi-aircraft simulation a piloted aircraft.

Simulating multiple aircraft operating around weather allows ATR to:

  • Simulate and test cockpit displays on individual aircraft
  • Interface with a full motion base flight simulator in real-time
  • Analyze benefits of technologies on the overall usage of airspace

ASET is depicted below.

Click here for more details on ASET (link to summary ASET report).